Letter Sample to Refund an Extra Payment Made on Phone Bill

If by mistake you have ended up paying extra money for your phone bill then you can always ask the company to refund you the extra payment that you have made against your phone bill and you can do that just by writing a letter for the same. We have come up with a template … Read more

Sample Follow-up Letter About Surgical Staff Nurse Position

Whenever you go for an interview, it is important that you write a follow up letter to them in order to express your interest and seriousness about that particular job. In order to help you write your own formal follow up letter about surgical staff nurse position, we have come up with a sample letter … Read more

Comfort Letter for Support from Parent Company to Subsidiary

Letter of comfort is usually issued by a parent or holding company in support of the subsidiary company. This letter expresses the willingness of the parent company to extend support towards the subsidiary in case any liability comes up. The Parent company letters of support is a simple letter which talks about giving support to … Read more

Letter From Client to the Builder for Refund of Booking Money

Sometimes we have to cancel our bookings for unforeseen circumstances and in such a situation, if we have a booking money deposited with the builder, we will surely like to ask for a refund for the same and in such a situation a Booking amount refund letter format can be of great help. The Cancellation … Read more

Sample Letter to your Friend about a Holiday Trip

We all love sharing our experiences with our friends and writing an informal letter to a friend about holiday is just one way of doing so. If you have been on a holiday recently and you have been wanting to share it with your friend then you can always write letter to your friend about … Read more

Example of a Requesting letter for Speed Bumps – How to Write

If you wish to control the speeding cars in your area for safety reasons then you can always write a formal Request Letter to Municipal Corporation for Speed Breakers. The application for speed breaker complaint letter is a simple letter that formally submits your application for need of speed bumps in a particular area. We … Read more

Request Letter to Municipal Corporation for Speed Breakers

Speed breakers are of great importance when it comes to prevent accidents that are caused by speeding of vehicles and order to get them constructed, you need to write a Request Letter to Municipal Corporation for Speed Breakers. The application for construction of speed breaker is a formal way of requesting the authorities to construct … Read more

Sample Letter to Judge for Guardianship

A Guardianship Letter is a legal and binding document that allows the parents or guardians to transfer the guardianship of a child. The letter gives the rights of a legal guardian of the child to the grandparents or close friends or relatives for the time period mentioned. The letter addressed to the judge for guardianship … Read more