Sample Wrong Payment Refund Letter to Bank Manager

In case of a wrong payment being made, you can always write a wrong payment refund letter to bank. This kind of an Application to Bank Manager for Refund Money is required to include all the details about the wrong payment that was made. We have come up with a Sample letter to bank for … Read more

Write a Letter to Bank Manager for Reversal of Money

If there is a certain amount that is required to be reversed to your bank account then you can always write an Application to Bank Manager for Refund Money by using the Sample letter to bank for Refund. There are Complaint Letter Templates that help you create a Complaint Letter for Refund of Money from … Read more

Sample Acknowledgement Unsolicited Idea Banking Letters

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER OF UNSOLICITED IDEAS Dear Name, We really appreciate and encourage your keen interest in submitting an idea or your proposal to us: _ Our company receives several ideas, suggestions and proposals and we have many of our own projects under process. Therefore, it might be possible that the idea or proposal you submitted … Read more

Sample Request Proposal For Credit Facility Banking Letters

REQUEST PROPOSAL FOR CREDIT FACILITY   [DATE, ex. Monday, November 28, 2011]     [NAME, BANK AND ADDRESS, ex. Danny Graham ABC Bank 123 Lane Area 456 City, State, Pin Code]   Dear [NAME, ex. Mr. Graham],   This is in the reference to our recent telephonic conversation regarding our company’s credit and banking requirements. … Read more

Sample Wire Transfer Instructions Banking Letters

Instructions for wire transfer   Please take account of the following information on all wire transfers to our bank account:     Account Name:              [NAME OF ACCOUNT, ex. PQR Corp.]   Account Number:           [ACCOUNT NUMBER, ex. 987654321]   Bank Transit Number:     [BANK TRANSIT NUMBER, ex. 9999]   Bank Name and Address:           [NAME AND ADDRESS OF … Read more