Welcome Letters

When a new product is launched in the market, or when a new employee joins, or when there are guest at house, office, event, conference etc. we use welcome letters. The purpose of the letter may vary but they have one approach of cordiality for every kind. There should be few points to keep in … Read more

Welcome Letter Template

To Receiver’s Name [Mention name of the recipient] Designation [Mention the designation of the recipient] Address [Mention the address of the recipient] Date [Mention the date of sending the letter] Subject: [Write in brief the subject of the letter.] Dear ______________ [Write Salutation and first name of the recipient.] I _____________ [sender’s name], the _____________ … Read more

Welcome Letter Format

To Recipient’s Name, Recipient’s Address, Date: Subject: [Mention the subject of letter in a line] Dear _____________ [Write salutation and first name of the recipient] Introductory paragraph: [In the first paragraph the sender should introduce him/ her on behalf of the company and mention important details. After the introduction, the sender should then write and … Read more

Welcome Letter Example

To Laura Atkinson   D- South Society, Garden Road,   Ottawa,   Canada February 23, 2012 Subject: Welcoming to the new office. Dear Ms. Atkinson, Congratulations! On behalf of Caffman Electronics we all congratulate you on being appointed as the new manager for the customer relations manager of our company and we welcome to you. … Read more

Employee Welcome Letter

To, Sean Peterson   1239, South Plaza, New York, USA April 1, 2012 Dear Mr. Peterson Subject: Welcoming you to our company Congratulations! We on behalf of our company ‘Dresden Medical Supplies’ welcomes you as the Customer Relations Manager. We are very proud and glad on having a competent and experienced as you in our … Read more