Write a Thank you Letter to Hospital Staff Template

If you had stayed in the hospital for a certain time for some treatment then while getting discharged from the hospital it is a thoughtful thing to write a thank you letter to hospital staff for all the service they provided to you. It is just a way of expressing your gratitude towards them. In … Read more

Request Letter Format for New Employee ID Card

If employees have lost their ID cards or employees are new to a job then they need to write a request letter for new id card to the management in order to formally request for issuing of the ID card. In most of the companies, it is the HR department which is responsible for issuing … Read more

Congratulations Letter to Employee for New Born Baby

If any of your employee has been blessed with a baby then it is time to write a formal Congratulations Letter to employee for new born baby. Employees are like family and when they have a new member in the family. The new baby congratulations letter is supposed to be a simple but heart warming … Read more

Sample Appreciation Letter to a Religious Leader

If you have liked the views or the practices of some religious leader then it makes worth appreciating it by writing a letter to him or her. The appreciation for church leaders or appreciation for some priest makes a wonderful thing to do by writing a letter and mentioning what truly inspired you the most. … Read more

Employee Appreciation Email Templates, Sample Format

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Appreciation Letter to an Employee for Good Work or Honesty

Whenever an employee has done a good work or has performed an act of honesty, it is worth appreciating him or her by writing an appreciation letter. The Samples Appreciation Letter To Employees is a very simple letter with an intention to praise the employee for the good job done. If you find yourself short … Read more

Sample Appreciation Letter Format to Loyal Customer

If you have a loyal customer then you must always value him or her and also express appreciation by selecting the right words. Writing a customer appreciation letter to loyal customer certainly means a lot and therefore, you must never miss on an opportunity to write one such letter to a customer who has always … Read more

Write a Letter to Bank Manager for Reversal of Money

If there is a certain amount that is required to be reversed to your bank account then you can always write an Application to Bank Manager for Refund Money by using the Sample letter to bank for Refund. There are Complaint Letter Templates that help you create a Complaint Letter for Refund of Money from … Read more

Employee Appreciation Mail for Hard Work Sample Template

Any employee who works hard deserves to be appreciated for all the dedication he has put into his work and one can do so by writing an employee appreciation mail for hard work. This is one of the most humble way of appreciating the employee as well as encouraging him to continue doing the same. … Read more