Sample Appreciation Letter Format to Loyal Customer

If you have a loyal customer then you must always value him or her and also express appreciation by selecting the right words. Writing a customer appreciation letter to loyal customer certainly means a lot and therefore, you must never miss on an opportunity to write one such letter to a customer who has always … Read more

Employee Appreciation Email for Increased Customer Satisfaction

 Customer satisfaction is one of the most important things and if any of your employee has delivered increased customer satisfaction then that needs to be appreciated. You can do so by writing an employee appreciation email for increased customer satisfaction to that particular employee. With the employee appreciation email format, you can simply customize it … Read more

Customer Service Request Form

CUSTOMER SERVICE REQUEST DATE______________   CUSTOMER____________________________________________________ ADDRESS_____________________________________________________ _____________________________PHONE___________________ MERCHANDISE PROBLEMS: DELIVERY PROBLEMS: ORDER NOT FILLED BAD ADDRESS DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE CUSTOMER NOT IN REPAIR PROBLEM DELAYED/LOST IN TRANSIT WRONG MERCHANDISE SOLD DAMAGED IN TRANSIT AMOUNT CHARGED IN ERROR MDSE. MISSING IN PACKAGE CREDIT/REFUND NOT ISSUED OTHER___________________ OTHER___________________ ________________________ REMARKS: DISPOSITION: Customer Service Request Form Top Sample … Read more