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Letter of Appreciation to Employee

by emily on July 17, 2012



Your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate and encourage your employees have resulted in a significant increase in productivity and profitability considerably.

If we had an award to give, you would be the prime candidate for the award. We are extremely proud to have an employee like you with in our company.

Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the fine job you are doing in our sales division. We hope you and your team achieve huge targets in the future also. Keep up the good work!

Letter of Appreciation to Employee

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Business Appreciation Letter

by emily on June 2, 2012

General Manager
Global Solutions


May 12, 2012
Dear Mr. Smith,
I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation of the way you have conducted business with us. It is very rare these days to find such high standards of sincerity and trust-worthiness in the world of business today.
We are earnestly very happy to be associated with you. It would be our pleasure to do business with you in the future as well and I sincerely wish you the very best for a great future.
With best wishes,
Yours faithfully,

Kevin Hall

 Business Appreciation Letter

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Retirement Appreciation Letter

by emily on April 10, 2012

Robert software solutions,

Dear Mr. Wilson,

After the service of 25 years as Sales & Marketing Manager with Robert software solutions, it is hard to believe that you have reached to retirement. It’s tough for me to see you going today, but heartiest congratulations on your retirement.

You joined this organization, when I was a teenager and my father was handling everything. I have been seeing you since 25 years as the helping hand of my father; you gave your days and nights to Robert software solutions. I appreciate your contribution from the core of my heart.  My eyes are wet at this moment of time when you are leaving us to go to your hometown.

If you need anything in life, please do not hesitate to contact me on my phone number or email id and provide me your new contact details as well.

Once Again heartiest congratulations on retirement and wish you a happy and content life ahead. Keep in Touch.

Warm Regards,

Andy Gilbert


Robert software solutions

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Sample Customer Appreciation Letter

by emily on February 8, 2012

Mr. James Smith

Manager- Customer Care

Rudolph Insurance Services Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to appreciate your efforts regarding my lost Health Insurance Policy. I was worried from last few days as I lost my insurance policy number- 6849 which I bought in January 10th, 2010. I really appreciate your endeavour in sorting out my problem.

As you know that I have contacted a number of times to the people who sold me this policy but they did not show any interest towards my problem. So at the end, I decided to contact you as the main area dealer for my complaint. Due to your valuable efforts, Rudolph Insurance Services Pvt. Ltd has issued me the duplicate policy with same number along with committed terms and conditions.

You can contact me on 7869 400 4389 and at [email protected]

Once again thank you so much for your kind support.

With Regards,

Angelina Homes

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Sample Sitter Appreciation Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011

January 31, 2010

Pet Saloons and Services,

Bloomington, Indiana.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your special care given towards my pet Bruzo for entire two months during my visit to UK. He now keeps good health and I observed that all immunization had been given to him from time to time.

Your center has really taken a commendable initiative to identify the frequent visitors and assisting their pets. It is indeed attracting many people in our neighborhood. Your training to the pet to engage with our kids in games and dancing are really enriching too.  Just because of your specialized training modules, our pet today acts not only as caretaker, but also as an entertainer. We profusely thank you for this achievement. Our pet has become an integral part of our lives.

By virtue of your training, our pet has stopped making shit on roads and is patiently waiting for its stipulated place when we take it out in the mornings and thus helping us keep environment clean.  Thank you very much for all these accomplishments. He has also become very popular in neighborhood and kids from all houses come to play with him. I am really very indebted to you for your services.

Yours faithfully,

Samantha Jones

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Sample Care Provider Appreciation Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011

September 2, 2010

Mrs. Anna Brown

Children Day Care Centre,

3948 Tree Hill



Dear Madam,

I am writing this letter to appreciate you for the services your day care centre has extended to me and my child during the crisis. Undeniably, it was your personal care that made us assured of our child, especially when he was so sick two years back, and due to our financial crisis, I was forced to go for some job and you took care of our baby that I could focus on work. I am really gratified and indebted to you.

Your personal care has made my child healthy and active and, even today he remembers you in his growing mind and keeps asking me. Though many services could not be measured in terms of money as compensation, I cannot forget your services and motherly love and affection you gave to my child when he was with you.  Kindly do not forget us and for your remembrance I am sending you few pictures taken at your care centre and few new pictures of my child. Hope you will be happy to receive them.

I once again like to express my sincere gratitude to your service. Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Anjelina Jones

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Sample Conference Speaker Appreciation Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011

April 30, 2010

Prof. Collins,

Dept of Human Rights,

Florida University,


Dear Sir,

I would like to express our sincere gratitude and thankfulness for your admirable speech in our national seminar.  It is not an exaggeration here if I say that your speech has been the highlight of today’s event and the media discussed various inputs that you have given in your speech on different perspectives of the subject ‘Human Rights’.

To be specific, one of the prestigious national daily has given a special article on its front page on Wednesday about the points you mentioned; the implications of not following your advises in detail and gave a logical conclusion. Also, getting inspiration from your speech, six of our PG course students have formed a human rights club and began taking care of the homeless people. This is all the result of your encouraging words and we generously thank you once again for your speech.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Wrights

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