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Complaint Letters

Sample Seminar Complaint Letters

by emily on February 11, 2012

Mrs. Ruth Lee,

52, Billings Dr, Nr. Farm Fresh,

Albuquerque, New Mexico – 87109


March 16, 2012


Dear Mrs. Ruth Lee,

I am Robin Patterson, writing on behalf of ‘The Right Path of Journalism’ society. Ours is an organization of students pursuing journalism and related courses.

We people are determined to upgrade the quality and professionalism in the field of journalism across the nation.

As a part of our annual event, we have organized seminar on current trends and problems in the field of media. We are expecting a large number of journalism students from different institutions.

The main objective of this seminar is that the students gain valuable knowledge about their field and help them understand the global developments in media segments.

Now, to make this event a true success, we need to raise funds so that more and more students can attend the event and get benefited.

You are a successful journalist and we know that you would definitely like to help the new talents learn more about the field. So, we are seeking your financial support.

Please donate any amount you think is right for this event.

Thank you for your support.



Robin Patterson

(Asst. Manager)


The Right Path of Journalism

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Sample Clients Complaint Letters

by emily on January 20, 2012

27th June, 2012

Dear Mr. Phelps,

This is in reference to the discussion we had yesterday; we have stopped production of goods which we used to supply to your company. We officially stop producing these goods at the end of this month. We can recommend you to get in touch with Innovation Printing; they offer the same products as per your needs at a reasonable price.

We cherish the association with our company. It has always been delight dealing with you and helping you in choosing the best products.

We wish you best wishes in your future businesses. For any help or queries, do feel free to contact us. Also, clear all the accounts and paper work due with us.

Kind Regards,

Joey Clinton

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Sample Intent For Employment Complaint Letters

by emily on January 20, 2012


Mr. /Ms ………………….

………………………… (Full Postal Address)

Dear Mr. /Ms ………………..

Sub:  Selection of ‘Manager Marketing’.

Ref:  Your application dated ………….

1. Position – You are appointed to the position of ‘………..’ (post here) in our company. In this capacity, you will report to….. (Name & designation). This is a permanent/term position, and the start date will be ….

As a … (post), your key responsibilities will be (describe role here)

2. Remuneration -Your base salary is $…? Annually, plus allowances if applicable.

3. Benefits & Pension – As a permanent/term employee, you will be eligible to participate in (company name)’s group benefit plans for employees. For complete list of employee plans, please contact the H.R department.

4. Vacation – You are entitled to …. (No.) of vacations per year. Please note that the practice of carry forward your leaves is not encouraged in this company.

5. Assessment Period – For the initial …. (No. of months) will be your probation period, the company has the right to terminate your services at anytime for whatever reasons.

6. Other terms & conditions – Please visit this link for other terms and conditions.

Confidentiality – During the tenure of your employment with (company name), you are entrusted with highly confidential and proprietary information. No information will be released or divulged, directly or indirectly by you.

Please review the contents of this offer carefully.  If you accept all the terms & conditions, please sign it and return it by due date.

(Official Name), I wish to express my sincere enthusiasm about your joining. I hope that you find the terms reasonable. You can feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.




I agree and accept all the terms & conditions of this employment offer on (date).

(New Employee Name)

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Sample Termination Employment Complaint Letters

by emily on January 20, 2012


Mr. /Ms …………………..

……………………. (Designation)

…………………….. (Dept)

Dear Mr. /Ms …………………

Sub: Termination Letter


We are sorry to inform you that your employment with (company name) is being terminated, effective from … (date).

The management was forced to take this action because of your continuous poor performance. You were not able to achieve the sales target. And, you were issued many written warnings for such performance problems. The main issues were – no sales, frequent leaves, excess absences, and tardiness etc.

Copies of the warnings, signed by you, are with us and, your signature on each and every single warning says that you knew everything and, you could improve if you wanted.

As stated in your final warning, you were required to improve your performance by . Your failure to do so has resulted in your termination


Even after repeated warnings, there was no acceptable improvement evident from your side. We told you to improve your work quality by …..(Date), but you failed.

The (company name) tried to support you in every possible way and it gave you so many chances to improve.


So, your employment is terminated, with effect from …..(Date). You are required to return any company property you may possess.



We wish you best of success in your future endeavors.


Yours sincerely,




Place: …………… Dated ……………

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Sample Employment Verification Christmas Letters

by emily on January 20, 2012


Mr. /Ms ………………….

…………………… (Designation)

…………………… (Company Name)

…………………… (Postal Address)

Phone: ……………


Dear Mr. /Ms ……………….

Sub: Employment offer to Mr. /Ms …………..

Ref: Your Reference Letter ……………(date)



This letter in reference to a job application of Mr./Ms. …..(Name) in our company for the post of …….

This candidate has given some references. We were told that he/she used to work with your company in the capacity of ……(post), from ….to…..(duration) with a salary of $…..?


So, I request you to kindly verify the authenticity of the credentials we were given by this candidate. You can reach us at – (phone no.), or you can email us at – …….(address).


Thanking you,


Jim Miles

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Sample Writing complaint letter

by emily on January 10, 2012

A very important thing to remember by the person writing a complaint letter is that he is going to hurt somebody’s feelings after the letter is done with. So putting aside the bias he should be concise and straight forwardly mention the issue in hand rather than bludgeoning the person responsible for the complaint.

Make sure all the things are checked before writing a complaint letter as this letter is taken as an accusation. If any proofs are there, so state them for giving a better impact.

Check that the letter is addressed to the right person and lodge the complaint to the right candidate.
One should be ready to face the consequences of the complaint lodged. Hence right words and language is very important for a complete complaint letter. Be formal and objective while writing a complaint letter.

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Sample Tenant Complaint Letter

by emily on January 10, 2012


Mr. Christopher Davis


689, Park View Apartments,


New Jersey

1st August, 2012

Ref: Refurbishment of House No. 77 A

Dear Mr. Davis,

This is with reference to the refurbishment of House No. 77 A which we have leased from you with effect from 1st July.

As per our Rent Contract terms and conditions you were supposed to get the house refurbished within 10 days of our arrival. Where as I regret to inform you that no action has been taken by you or your appointed members in that direction for the past one whole month.

I would like to request you to please look into this matter at the earliest and initiate action within the next two days.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Miller

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Sample Service Complaint Letter

by emily on January 10, 2012


Mr. Richard White,

General Manager

Customer Care Department

Acusis BPO Solutions

New Town

23rd January, 2012.

Ref: Poor Service

Dear Mr. White,

This is to bring to your notice the poor housekeeping services provided by your company on 21st September, bearing reference number CE234.  I regret to inform you that I was highly disappointed by the Service provided by your company this time.

I never had the occasion to complain about your services in the past and in view of such a good track record, this month’s service has been a big letdown. I was not expecting the kind of service you rendered.

I hope you look into the matter and ensure it is not repeated. We would like to have a long association with your company and hope that you will provide us the best services.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Phelps

Encl: Copy of Receipt

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Sample Restaurant Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012


Mr. Srilan jain

General Manager

Saffron Restaurant

New York

11th January, 2012

Ref: Sub-standard Food

Dear Mr. Jain,

I visited with my family to your Saffron restaurant on 16th January to celebrate my son’s birthday. Unfortunately, the sub-standard food quality in your restaurant really dampened our spirits.

The dinner started off in a very disappointing way when we were served some tasteless lukewarm fluid which was passed off as Sweet-corn soup.  The starters we ordered were dripping with oil, though we had specifically requested for fat-free food.

The Main Course tasted equally bad. Though we had ordered an assortment of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian platters, and they all seemed to taste the same.

The only redeeming feature was the well-mannered Service that evening and the friendly manner in which your waiters patiently heard our numerous complaints.

I hope in future the quality of your food is able to match up to the quality of your service.

Best Wishes,

Emily Swan

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Sample Responding Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012


Richard White,

General Manager,

Customer Care Department

Thompson And Co Inc,

New York


Ms. Nancy Andrews

23 B, Greater Villas

High Street

New York

19th July, 2012.

Ref: Thompson And Co Inc.

Dear Ms. Andrews,

At the outset, please accept my genuine apologies for the trouble caused to you because of the broken Thompson Inc.

As our regular customer, I am sure you understand that this has been a onetime mistake. Our company is sending a replacement, which I am sure you will find to your satisfaction.

As a way of expressing our gratitude for your valuable feedback, I am enclosing a 15% Discount Coupon which you can consume while buying any of our products in the future.

Looking forward to your continued feedback and support,

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

Richard White

Encl: Discount Coupon

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