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Donation Letter

Example of Donation Letter in Memory of Someone

by emily on July 5, 2022

Sample Donation Letter in Memory of Someone
Donation Letter in Memory of Someone

Making a donation in the name of the deceased person is a sign of sympathy and humanity. Donation Letter in memory of someone is written to express your condolences for the person who died and show support to the family. Donations are the best and the most generous form of help you can do for someone.

In this post are examples of donation letter in the memory of someone, sample thank you donation letter in memory of someone. This is a simplified temple of memorial donation letter to family that you can use.

Sample Donation Letter in Memory of Someone

Date: 2022/07/01

Mike and Rachel Ross

234, Balshire Road

Manhattan, New York

Dear Mike and Rachel,

In remembrance of my uncle Mr. Kian Ross, I would like to contribute an amount of $1,000,000 to his organization Kindness for the Win. Please find included a check made out to Kindness for the Win Legacy Fund as well as my debit card details. Please send a letter to the following address recognising my donation:

Name: Nick Baker

Address: 34, Yellow Street, Manhattan

City: New York

Zip code: 100006

Payment information:
Payment type: Debit Card
Visa Debit Card Amount: $1,000,000
Name on the card: Nick Baker
Debit card number: 123 456 789
Expiration date: 09/2024

Date: 2022/07/01

Thank you.

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Letter of Donation to Charity

by admin on June 14, 2013

Whenever you plan on donating a specific some of money or a piece of property to a charitable group there are certain steps you have to follow.

Firstly, you will have to write down a letter to the organization mentioning the sum of money you plan on donating with a firm reason for the cause.

A few guidelines are mentioned for you:

• Write it straight to the point. Do not beat around the bush.
• Do not forget to include your address.This is because the charity has to send you a tax receipt.

A sample letter of donation to charity

Puppy rescue
Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1

Dear Puppy rescue,

This is Joey. I am pretty impressed by your organization’s work. You seem to be making a difference. As such, I have decided to put in my contribution to your organization as well.

I have attached a certified check of $2000 for the cause.

I hope my contribution will help you in your cause to a certain extent.

You may send my tax receipt to:

Québec, Quebec
G1A 1A1

Hope to keep up the spirit of your good work alive.


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Sample Fax Cover Letter

by emily on January 18, 2012

Date: 23 January 2012.

To: Mr. Michael Watford,

Fax#: 123 456,

From: Mr. James Lay

[Sub: Invitation for a Corporate Award function]

Transmitting: 1 page including this one.

Fax no: 789012.

Dear Mr. Michael,

I would like to personally invite you to the award distribution ceremony for the best business man of the year on 31st January 2012. I am sending you a three member pass and expect you and two of your guests to be present at the function. I am glad and thrilled to tell you that you have been nominated in the best business man of year category and I hope you win it. I would like to wish you good luck.

I would like to request you to address the audience that night with your rich experience. Kindly please accept my invitation. Also, Please inform me a week before if you are ready to address the crowd, so that I could confirm your name with the event manager. Wish you good luck again for the nominations.

Eagerly waiting for your response.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Mr. James Lay.


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Sample Company Ad Response Cover Letter

by emily on January 18, 2012

Mr. Daniel Miller


Rainbow Consultancy Pvt. Ltd


Timberline Avenue,


Fort Worth, Texas

Respected Mr. Miller,

This is in reference to your advertisement in the Daily Chronicle on 1st February two days ago. I would like to present my candidature for the same. I fulfill your academic requirements. I also have completed three Microsoft certified examinations among which .NET is also one which you have mentioned as the necessity for this job. Please find my enclosed resume for your consideration.

I would love to work as a developer which is a challenging task rather then a tester hope you accept my request. I hope you will give me an opportunity to meet you and attend a personal interview and assure you that I would turn an asset to your company.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Mr. James Cameron


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Sample Time Donation Letter

by emily on January 18, 2012


Stephen Cox

New Ray Charity

Cooper Ave,


04 Aug 2010


Dear Friends, Family, & Colleagues,

It has been a long time since I joined this charity foundation. I have accomplished many social cause projects successfully. I worked for this group by raising funds, spreading awareness and participating in other activities, but I still feel that I have not done much and I want to keep working for the betterment of society.

And, I need support from all my friends, family members & colleagues for the noble causes I am working for.

Presently, my responsibility as a coordinator is to bring in more and more people and increase the size of our team. We have many community projects to be undertaken and we need more volunteers for help. We need people for teaching children at orphanages, spreading awareness about social issues and raising funds etc. As a dedicated volunteer with our group, we expect at least 5 hours a week from your side. You will be working for the particular program you are given to, but you can choose any kind of work here.

I have scheduled a meeting on this Friday at our office at 6 p.m. I would really appreciate if you all can come that day. I will personally guide you about each & everything involved. I will train you for the particular work you will be given.

It will be a great experience to work with you people for the charity works.

I look forward to see you all on this Friday at my office.

Yours truly,

Stephen Cox

New Ray Charity

Cooper Ave,

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Sample Tax Deductible Donation Letter

by emily on January 18, 2012

Mr. George Wilson

Madeira Heights

Rainbow Dr,

Arlington, Texas

June 20, 2012


Dear Mr. Wilson,

I am Anthony Williams, representing the ‘McLeod Trust’, and writing in to introduce you about our group and its activities.

Our trust is engaged in many different social causes. We work for the poor women and kids and provide them with food, clothes & shelter.

Mrs. Melinda gave me your reference and told me to guide you about our tax deductible schemes.

We issue donation receipt to all donors who support to all activities. The donation receipt issued by our trust is used for tax deduction b your donors. It is a valid proof that can be used for tax deductions.

I hope that you will be interested in contributing to our trust. If you don’t have time to come to our office, then our volunteer can come to your residence/office anytime you want and, you will be given a donation receipt at the same time you give the check.


Thanks and regards,

Anthony Williams

‘McLeod Trust’


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Sample Sponsorship Donation Letter

by emily on January 18, 2012

Mr. Smith Jones,

Donald & Trump Inc.

52, Megan Heights

Park Avenue,



Dear Mr. Jones,

I am Tommy James, writing on behalf of the Jessica Foundation.

I am writing in to introduce our group and its activities to you. We are into education and, we work to improve the quality of education.

We are seeking a company who thinks & cares for the society. We know about your company deeds, you support many non profit organizations. Your company is always keen to do its share of efforts for the betterment of the society.

We work for young children. Today, education is the most important factor for the children and we work for the same. We think that your company can help us in our objective to improve the world we live in.

It would be great if you extend your support to our group like you do to other groups. You will be delighted to help the needy people in the society.

And, we will mention your company name in our promotions across the country.

We look forward to your generous help. We hope you will join hands with us and support our programs.

Thanks and regards,

Tom Peters



Jessica foundation

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Sample Silent Auction Donation Letter

by emily on January 18, 2012

Mr. Daniel Moore


Classic Arts,

23, Maggie’s Ave,

Oak Park, Chicago, IL

October 03, 2012


Dear Mr. Moore,

I am Ruth Carlson, writing on behalf of the ‘Morgan Art Gallery’. The purpose of this letter is to invite you to a painting auction organized by our art gallery.

Our company organizes this event every year to raise funds for the philanthropic activities.

The money collected through this auction is used for helping the poor & needy children by supporting their education. We are associated with a charity group and we transfer all the funds to this group called, ‘Mother Mary Trust’.

The paintings auctioned at the event are done by upcoming artists. Some part of the collected funds also goes to them.

We request you to participate in this silent auction and show your support for the needy children. Please rest assured that complete secrecy is maintained at this event.

Entrance is strictly by invitation.


Thanks and regards,

Edward White


Morgan Art Gallery

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Sample School Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mr. Garcia

52, Max Heights

Pamela Dr.

Norman, Oklahoma

August 25, 2012


Dear Mr. Garcia,

I am Bill Morrison, writing on behalf of the ‘Generous Hearts’ charity foundation. We undertook the construction of ‘Good Care’ Hospital in your locality last year.

This hospital is now running fine and serving the poor who cannot afford the bills of big private hospitals.

After this project, we are now planning to build school for the underprivileged children near your area. And, we seek donations to accomplish this project. We remember that you donated a large amount of money for our hospital last year and we hope that you will help us this time too.

We request you to contribute to this noble cause with any amount you think right for this new project. Your generous help will be used to educate the poor children and shape their future the right way and I am sure you will definitely want to be a part of this great cause.

I want to tell you that we never mind any of our donors checking our accounts for whatsoever doubts – we are always open for an audit, anytime. We never misuse the financial aid sent our generous donors.

So, I look forward to your donations for this new school project undertaken by our foundation.

Thanks for your consideration & time.



Bill Morrison

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Sample Prize Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Ms. Mitchell Thomas


Black Magic Arts

Lexington, Kentucky

November 16, 2012


Dear Ms. Thomas,

I am Ann Ruth, the principal of ‘High Esteem School’. Our college supports the education of the poor and needy children. We run our operations through financial aids given by big hearted people.

I am writing this letter to tell you that we have our annual festival on the 30th of this month. Every year, at this event, our meritorious students are awarded with scholarships to help them continue their higher education. And, we collect funds through donations to award them scholarships. I cordially invite you to this event and, I request you to donate some amount of money for this good purpose. I would be very grateful to you if you show your support to our students.

You can make your donations in the name of our school.

I look forward to your arrival at our annual festival.

Thanks for your consideration and your time.



Thanks and regards,

Ann Ruth


‘High Esteem School’

Roger Pl., Lexington

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