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Donation Letter

Sample Fund raising Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mr. Demy Martin,

23/5, Loren Street,

San Diego, California

March 05, 2012


Dear Mr. Martin,

I am Yuri Roberts, and I am writing this letter on behalf of the ‘God’s Light’ Charitable Trust. I am working with this philanthropic foundation for the past 4 years.

Currently, we are collecting funds to help the poor redesign their homes. These people face a lot of difficulties due to poor shelter, & particularly during the winters. So, we are making an effort to make their lives a bit easier.

We are planning to undertake this project on a large scale, and thus we need a huge amount of money. We are contacting as many people as we can.

We are a well known foundation and every action of ours gets highlighted in the local media. We invite all major sponsors to have their say on the stage. And, we always make sure that our sponsors get sufficient publicity in the newspapers and magazines, and in all our promotional materials. All the donations made to us are 100% tax deductible.

I hope you will give your consideration to my request and will show your generous support through donations to this project. Our volunteers can collect a check from your office/residence anytime you want and you will get receipt of the donation at the same time. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of clarifications.


Thanks and regards,

Yuri Roberts


God’s Light

Mark’s Ave., San Diego

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Sample Effective Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012

From: Charles Taylor


‘Godly Works’

Austin, Texas


Oct. 04, 2012


Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

As you all know that I have been continuously working with this great philanthropic foundation called, “Godly Works’ for the past 3 years and I assist them in multiple departments, but my main work is to raise funds.

This trust works for the poor and needy children – for their food, clothes, education & shelter.

Currently, we are organizing a special event for the underprivileged children & the purpose is to collect funds to support their education.

Now, I am making a personal appeal to all of you – please extend your generous support for this noble cause. I am really counting on you all people to make this event a real success. Every donation made to our foundation is totally tax deductible.

I am enclosing a donation form along with this letter, and I request you to please show your support by donating for the poor children.

In case you want any kind of information regarding the events or our organization, please feel free to contact me.

I thank you all for your consideration and I look forward to your continuous support in the future.


Yours truly,

Charles Taylor

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Sample Thank you Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mr. Michael Thomas

Brilliant Designs

52, Gomes Ave.,

Los Angeles, California


Dear Mr. Thomas,

On behalf of the ‘God’s Child’ group, this is Rachelle Andrews writing to thank you for sending your monetary help to our trust.

We received your check for the amount of $2000 last week, and we will utilize this donation for the same noble cause you have shown interest for – help recent floods victims in Louisiana.

I want to tell you that it is only possible because of some big hearted people like you to keep working for such social causes. It is your support that enables us to take on and accomplish philanthropic causes and help the needy ones.

Once again, thank you sincerely for your generosity. We look forward to your help in the future too.


Thanking You,

Sara Paraker

Program Co-coordinator

God’s Child Foundation

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Sample Receipt Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mrs. Rita Watson

Maxmuller Housing Ltd.

43, Green Palms Dr.,

Tampa, Florida

April 18, 2012


Dear Mrs. Watson,

I am Dorothy Robertson, writing on behalf of the ‘Word of the God’ foundation, to hearty thank you for the donation you sent to build a school for the poor children.

We are grateful to receive a check of $2000 from your side for supporting this good cause of school construction for the underprivileged children.

We sincerely appreciate your monetary help to support our cause. It is few of you good people that realize the importance of such social causes and come forward with their support.

I am enclosing a receipt for the donation you have sent to us. In case you have any questions regarding the developments of the project you are supporting for, please feel free to contact us anytime.



Dorothy Robertson

‘Word of the God’


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Sample MNC Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012

Mr. Harry Peters

The CEO,

High Altitude Pvt. Ltd.

Memphis, Tennessee

August 04, 2012


Dear Mr. Peters,

I am Ruby Shine, writing on behalf of the ‘Help in Action’ trust to introduce you to our foundation.

We are a Charity group involved in supporting different human causes – helping patients suffering from serious diseases like cancer, Aids etc., supporting underprivileged children for their education & many other social causes.

We organize different events to raise funds for the causes we are fighting for and, presently we are planning a big event for helping the blind. This event will take place on October 11th, 2012, and a large number of people will be participating in this event. At this point of time, we are seeking sponsors to make this event successful.

I know about your group very well and its philanthophical activities and this is why I’m approaching you.

Yours is a very popular company and it has a history of supporting different kinds of social causes, so it would be a great match for both of our groups to join hands to support this noble cause.

It will be beneficial for both of our groups – we always make sure that our sponsors get their due credit in the form of sufficient media coverage. We also name our sponsors in all our promotions. And, also your company will get the tax deduction benefits for your donation.

I am enclosing a donation form that you can fill in & return to us with a check or draft.

I am very positive that you would really like to associate with us and become a part of such a great cause. I hope to hear from you soon.



Max Raymond

Help in Action

12, Edison Dr., Memphis

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Sample Library Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012

Ms. Miguel Richards


Thoughtful Minds Library

San Jose, California

March 16, 2011


Dear Ms. Richards,

I am David Peterson, the director of ‘Clear View Publishers’, writing this letter to donate 200 science books to your library for the help of needy students.

Our company is into publishing for the past ten years and we have been donating books to schools & other institutions for the students who cannot afford to buy new books to study.

This year, we are donating our books to libraries that do not charge or, charge very nominal to students for their books and your library is one of them.

Books are the first keys to knowledge and donating books is our way to share our success with the society and, a public library like yours is a great place to make them easily accessible for all the needy students.

We hope many students will get benefited through these books.



Mr. David Peterson

Clear View Publishing House

San Jose, California

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Sample Foundation Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mrs. Elle Harrison


Help in Action

Palm Dr.

Dallas, Texas

August 23, 2012


Dear Mrs. Harrison,

We have come to know about your foundation and the noble causes that you are working for. The management of our company has decided to donate a small amount of money to your foundation regarding your advertisement for helping the cancer patients.

We are into business of food production – our products are nutritious and hygienic. We believe in quality & are concerned about people’s health. High quality foods products are very essential for preventing cancer.

Our company products are directly related to the health & well being of our consumers, so we are always ready to contribute in different ways for helping people suffering from cancer & other diseases.

We really appreciate your efforts for cancer patients and we want to join hands with you for this great social cause as we know it well that our contribution is in the rights hands.

We wish you success in your endeavors and may you continue helping the people for ever.



Mr. Robert Thomas

Star Food Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

23, Henry Rd., Dallas

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Sample Organization Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012

David Wilson

The CEO,

Wilson Sales

Adam St.,

Seattle, Washington

August 14, 2012


Sub: Request for donation


Mr. Wilson,

On behalf of the ‘Action for Education’ charity group, I am writing this letter to introduce our group and it’s philanthropic activities to you.

We work for the underprivileged children in the society. We support education of these children.. We organize many charity events to raise funds for the needs of these children.

We have organized an annual charity auction on September 2, 2012. We have invited around 500 guests to attend this event. We have been successfuly organizing this event for the past 5 years and the local media is always interested to cover this event.

I request you to donate some gift certificates or articles that can be auctioned off. The money collected from the auction will be used for the education for the needy children.

I want to tell you that we are always grateful to our donors, and we always try to do our bit of share to help their business.We give enough space to our each & every donor in our promotional materials. Apart from the other benefits, you will also get the tax deduction rebate for your donation.And, your business will get good coverage in the local media.

I will contact you a week to discuss the donation possibilities. Thank you for your time and consideration for this matter.

Yours truly,

John White

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Sample Special Project Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mr. Black

The Director,

White Magic Publications,

27, Roman Dr,

Baltimore, Maryland

Sept. 25, 2012

Sub: Request for Donation

Dear Mr. Black,

On behalf of my team of 5 members, I am writing this letter to seek financial help from your company.

Actually, we have done extensive research in the field of Robotics and currently, we are working on a project in the same field and it might be of great interest to you and your business.

This new advanced system will allow you to synchronize the processes and accomplish high  levels of productivity. I have enclosed the details of this project with this letter.

At present, our project is in its initial stage, and we require funds to take it to the next level. We are not in a position to fund this project ourselves. So, I request you to please have a look at the details of this project and think about helping us financially to accomplish it successfully.

We are expecting generous donation from your side and, we are ready to discuss the terms and conditions suitable for both of us..

Looking for a positive reply.

Yours truly,

Jack Thomas

Elison College of Technology

Baltimore, Maryland

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Sample Business Entity Donation Letter

by emily on January 17, 2012


Mr. Jackson

The CEO,

Star Real Estate

Parker St.,

Nashville, Tennessee

August 15, 2012

Mr. Jackson,

This is Rick Thomas, writing on behalf of the ‘Seven Rainbows’ charity group. The purpose of this letter is to keep you  up to date for the different upcoming events that our group has planned to conduct. We are seeking donations through all these events.

Our charity group works for the poor & needy people and, we raise funds through events conducted by our group round the year.

We have two charity events coming uip in the next month. The date, time and place are yet to be finalized. We are approaching all potenital donors to sponsor items that can be auctioned during the events.

We hope that you shall consider our request and donate to the good causes we are supporting. All the money that wil be collectd at teh auctions will be used for different noble causes.

For our generous donors, we have come up with something really good – adequate media coverage during the events. This will be really a great opportunity to earn social respect for your business, and at the same time, you can display your business to a large number of people.

We will also take care of the publicity of your business in the local media coverage and in all the  promotional materials used for the events.

I look forward to a favourable response. I will get in touch with you when the events approach, after two weeks.


Mark Robinson

565, Seven Rainbows Charity Group

Palm Dr.,

Nashvile, Tennessee

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