Sample Foundation Donation Letter


Mrs. Elle Harrison


Help in Action

Palm Dr.

Dallas, Texas

August 23, 2012


Dear Mrs. Harrison,

We have come to know about your foundation and the noble causes that you are working for. The management of our company has decided to donate a small amount of money to your foundation regarding your advertisement for helping the cancer patients.

We are into business of food production – our products are nutritious and hygienic. We believe in quality & are concerned about people’s health. High quality foods products are very essential for preventing cancer.

Our company products are directly related to the health & well being of our consumers, so we are always ready to contribute in different ways for helping people suffering from cancer & other diseases.

We really appreciate your efforts for cancer patients and we want to join hands with you for this great social cause as we know it well that our contribution is in the rights hands.

We wish you success in your endeavors and may you continue helping the people for ever.



Mr. Robert Thomas

Star Food Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

23, Henry Rd., Dallas

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