Sample Organization Donation Letter

David Wilson

The CEO,

Wilson Sales

Adam St.,

Seattle, Washington

August 14, 2012


Sub: Request for donation


Mr. Wilson,

On behalf of the ‘Action for Education’ charity group, I am writing this letter to introduce our group and it’s philanthropic activities to you.

We work for the underprivileged children in the society. We support education of these children.. We organize many charity events to raise funds for the needs of these children.

We have organized an annual charity auction on September 2, 2012. We have invited around 500 guests to attend this event. We have been successfuly organizing this event for the past 5 years and the local media is always interested to cover this event.

I request you to donate some gift certificates or articles that can be auctioned off. The money collected from the auction will be used for the education for the needy children.

I want to tell you that we are always grateful to our donors, and we always try to do our bit of share to help their business.We give enough space to our each & every donor in our promotional materials. Apart from the other benefits, you will also get the tax deduction rebate for your donation.And, your business will get good coverage in the local media.

I will contact you a week to discuss the donation possibilities. Thank you for your time and consideration for this matter.

Yours truly,

John White

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