Sample Special Project Donation Letter


Mr. Black

The Director,

White Magic Publications,

27, Roman Dr,

Baltimore, Maryland

Sept. 25, 2012

Sub: Request for Donation

Dear Mr. Black,

On behalf of my team of 5 members, I am writing this letter to seek financial help from your company.

Actually, we have done extensive research in the field of Robotics and currently, we are working on a project in the same field and it might be of great interest to you and your business.

This new advanced system will allow you to synchronize the processes and accomplish high  levels of productivity. I have enclosed the details of this project with this letter.

At present, our project is in its initial stage, and we require funds to take it to the next level. We are not in a position to fund this project ourselves. So, I request you to please have a look at the details of this project and think about helping us financially to accomplish it successfully.

We are expecting generous donation from your side and, we are ready to discuss the terms and conditions suitable for both of us..

Looking for a positive reply.

Yours truly,

Jack Thomas

Elison College of Technology

Baltimore, Maryland

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