Sample Corporate Charity Letter

To,   Mr. Thomson Dale,   23, Hanging Street, LA Sub: Letter for Corporate Charity Dear Sir, It fills us with delight to announce that our organization has been enjoying your patronage in the locality from last two decades. It makes us proud to do something for the local area development. As you are aware … Read more

Sample Charity Letter

To Mr. Arnold Shaw,   23, Hanging Street,   Los Angeles Dear Mr. Shaw, Hi, I am James Cameron and I live in your neighborhood. We are a group of five friends who do our bit to serve the underprivileged people every year. This time we are thinking to get them medical facilities from the … Read more

Sample Patients Charity Letter

Mr. Steven Martinez, Supervisor, Good Care Centre, 45, Adolf Street,   Mississippi. Dear Sir, I have been observing intensely, the workmanship of your care centre for past 3 years and I am very much gratified and delighted with the outcomes you are showing, which in turn shows your dedication and affection towards your work. I … Read more

Sample College Charity Letter

Mr. Jimmy Anderson, Principal, New York Foundation, 563, Amityville,   New York 11701 Respected Sir, I would like to offer my help to you in the service you have been rendering for many years. I would be gratified to donate 20% of my annual income to your organization. It would be a small help from … Read more

Sample Event Charity Letter

12th January 2012, Mr. David Brown,   45th Surf Street,   Chicago Illinois. Dear Brown, The Sunshine Group is organizing a charity event on 24th January 2012 to collect donations and raise money for supporting orphan children.  We are inviting most of celebrities from New York and also across the country. The fund raised will … Read more

Sample Charity Intent Letter

To, Mr. Steven Martinez Denver,Colorado Subject: Charity Intent Letter Dear Sir, We would like to inform you that our recognized organization decided in the last Annual General Meeting that our club will distribute woolen garments and rags to the local needy people during the coming festival days. This will be our initiative taken towards the … Read more

Sample Charity Donation Letter

To, Mr. Sean Peterson, Managing Director, IIS Group Indiana Dear Mr. Peterson, I am Emma Watson and I am the principal of Kelley School of education. We are a school with strength of five hundred. We at Kelley help students who cannot afford fees with scholarships every year. The scholarship is named after the person … Read more

Sample Books Charity Letter

To, Mr. Mark Anthony West Dakota, IL Subject: Letter of Charity of books Dear Sir, I am honored to write you this letter as mentioned above.  We have established a small office to provide some help to the needy people in our locality. In this operation we have included variety of items of daily life’s … Read more