Sample Charity Letter


Mr. Arnold Shaw,


23, Hanging Street,


Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Shaw,

Hi, I am James Cameron and I live in your neighborhood. We are a group of five friends who do our bit to serve the underprivileged people every year.

This time we are thinking to get them medical facilities from the city. The area we have decided is the area behind the lake where they live. There are numerous people living there in extreme poverty and unbearable living conditions. We are keen to have medical examiners there and test them for various possible infections. This would involve a lot of money and we being students cannot manage to pay for this lot of money beyond a certain level. In this regard we would like to request to you to help us as much is possible from your side. People would really appreciate and it will be a big help from your side for those underprivileged.

Thanks and regards,

James Cameron

M: 7515136686

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