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Charity Fundraising

Sample Charity Fundraising Letter

by emily on January 25, 2012

Mr. Jim Waters

Chief Executive Officer,

Larson & Clark Inc.

56, Galaxy Arcade,

New Ave, Tampa, FL – 45236

April 13, 2012


Dear Mr. Waters,

I am Robert Negev, writing this letter regarding the fundraising program on behalf of the ‘Care for all’ charity foundation.

Our trust has many different programs running for the welfare of orphan and poor children.

We work for these children and provide them with food, shelter and education. Like this one young girl whose parents died in an accident last week and now she is alone in the world, we have adopted many other children and now we are taking care of them.

Your small help can change the life of a poor child. It will also give you a sense of great feeling that you helped change someone’s life.

Please find an enclosed donation form, you can write in the donation amount and return it back to us.

Thank you for your time and we hope that you will donate to our trust to help the poor children.

If you any questions regarding our trust, please feel free to contact us at – 786-589-3202

Thanks & Regards,

Robert Negev


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Sample Charity Fundraising Letter

by emily on December 30, 2011


Mr. Richard White,

Assistant Manager,

Eagle Industries Pvt. Ltd,


563, Amityville,


New York 11701

12th January, 2012.

Dear Mr. White,

As you are aware that the recent Hurricane Ike has caused extensive destruction to lives and property of the people. We would like to request you to kindly make a generous donation to help us in the relief work we have undertaken there. We accept monetary as well as donation in kind.

We look forward to your continued co-operation in all our endeavors.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

Laura Atkinson


Download Sample Charity Fundraising Letter in Word