Sample Books Charity Letter


Mr. Mark Anthony

West Dakota, IL

Subject: Letter of Charity of books

Dear Sir,

I am honored to write you this letter as mentioned above.  We have established a small office to provide some help to the needy people in our locality. In this operation we have included variety of items of daily life’s basic requirements. This list mainly includes the items which help not only children but people of all age groups i.e. the Books. Definitely, there is no place in the world where books are not available and are not used for any sort of purpose.

We are aware that you are such a key person in our locality and are very capable of bringing about changes in the society. You are also having a very big collection of range of books in your house. In the above context we request you to come forward for a charity of some books from your stock which will be distributed among the local children. We would greatly appreciate your executing this request at your earliest convenience. Hope to have your best cooperation in the matter.

Warm Regards,

Wilson Roberts

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