Sample Goods Charity Charity Letter


Mr. John Smith

Bloomington, Indiana

Subject: Letter for Charity of Goods

Dear Sir,

We would like to introduce us to you that we are a esteemed organization for last two decades. Although the locality is happy with our existence here, we have identified we still can do something more for the enhancement of the local youth. They are our assets of the future and a nation’s development is dependent on the future generation. And as a result, our reputed organization has decided to provide the youth by some necessary goods which they require for their betterment.

For this, we have set a list of things which we would like to distribute amongst them in the first week of coming month. The list includes items like Desktop computers, Printers and Copying instruments, Packaging machines, telephones for public use etc. We hope you will cooperate in making our plan successful. I would greatly appreciate your executing this request at your earliest convenience.


Joseph Phelps

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