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Mr. Thomson Dale,


23, Hanging Street, LA

Sub: Letter for Corporate Charity

Dear Sir,

It fills us with delight to announce that our organization has been enjoying your patronage in the locality from last two decades. It makes us proud to do something for the local area development. As you are aware that this area is having a population of not less than 1000 people live there. Most of them are really poor people and live on daily labor. Those people have provided us so many services though they are poor.  We wish to provide them with basic amenities for life in the coming festival eve.

The list of such items includes clean drinking water, their dwelling houses, some medicines, food materials and garments. Also, some additional things like nutritious foods, medicines and books for children will also be distributed. Our efforts can be flourishing with your whole hearted support. We wish your support with us.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Thompson And Co Inc.

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