Sample MNC Donation Letter

Mr. Harry Peters

The CEO,

High Altitude Pvt. Ltd.

Memphis, Tennessee

August 04, 2012


Dear Mr. Peters,

I am Ruby Shine, writing on behalf of the ‘Help in Action’ trust to introduce you to our foundation.

We are a Charity group involved in supporting different human causes – helping patients suffering from serious diseases like cancer, Aids etc., supporting underprivileged children for their education & many other social causes.

We organize different events to raise funds for the causes we are fighting for and, presently we are planning a big event for helping the blind. This event will take place on October 11th, 2012, and a large number of people will be participating in this event. At this point of time, we are seeking sponsors to make this event successful.

I know about your group very well and its philanthophical activities and this is why I’m approaching you.

Yours is a very popular company and it has a history of supporting different kinds of social causes, so it would be a great match for both of our groups to join hands to support this noble cause.

It will be beneficial for both of our groups – we always make sure that our sponsors get their due credit in the form of sufficient media coverage. We also name our sponsors in all our promotions. And, also your company will get the tax deduction benefits for your donation.

I am enclosing a donation form that you can fill in & return to us with a check or draft.

I am very positive that you would really like to associate with us and become a part of such a great cause. I hope to hear from you soon.



Max Raymond

Help in Action

12, Edison Dr., Memphis

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