Complaint Letter to Dispute Billing Error for Restaurant Meal

Sometimes we notice errors in the bills and if we wish to have them corrected then we are supposed to be writing complaint letter to dispute billing error for restaurant meal. In this post, we have come up with a format for complaint letter to dispute billing error for restaurant meal that you can use … Read more

Sample Letter Complaining to Neighbor about Shooting Birds

If there has been someone in your neighborhood who has been shooting birds then you always write a complain letter for the same. This kind of a letter is supposed to be short and precise but must include all the details related with the shooting of birds. This post includes a format for letter complaining … Read more

Complaint Letter to Bank for a Refund of Money from a failed Online Transaction

If your online transaction has failed but you have been debited with the amount then you can always write a Complaint Letter for Refund of Money from Bank. This is a kind of Refund Letter Format which includes all the details about the transaction for the reference of the bank manager. By using this Application … Read more

Application to Police Station for Lost of Mobile Phone

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Complaint Letter for Warranty Claim Not Being Honored

Warranty Claim for a product is a consumer’s right. The claim not being honored by the business establishment is matter of legal concern for the consumer. Complaint letter for warranty claim not being honored or addressed can be filed with the grievance officer by the consumer. All the necessary details about the product, date of … Read more

Sample Complaint Letter to Cleaning Company for not Performing Well

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Request Letter To Municipal Corporation For Road Repair

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Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Drainage Problem

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Sample Complaint Letter to Courier for Non-Delivery of Parcel

Sometimes it just so happens that the parcel that we have sent through courier does not reach the destination on time or gets lost for various reasons. In such a situation, it is important to write a complaint letter for non delivery of courier highlighting the issue. The order not delivered complaint letter is a … Read more