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Sample Letter Complaining to Neighbor about Shooting Birds

by emily on August 25, 2023

Letter Complaining to Neighbor about Shooting Birds

If there has been someone in your neighborhood who has been shooting birds then you always write a complain letter for the same. This kind of a letter is supposed to be short and precise but must include all the details related with the shooting of birds.

This post includes a format for letter complaining to neighbor about shooting of birds. Follow and use this sample template for creating a personalized draft to submit your complain to your neighbor in the most appropriate way possible.

Format for Letter Complaining to Neighbor About Shooting Birds


Henry Smith

54, Richmond Town

New York

Date: August 25, 2023


Mr. Adam Gibbs

60, Richmond Town

New York

Dear Mr. Adam,

I am writing this letter to complain you about your son whom I have found shooting the birds sitting on the trees in my garden in order to hone his shooting skills. He has been taking lives of the birds from last couple of days and it is really distressful seeing dead birds lying around my house all the time. Therefore, I thought of bringing this action of your son to your notice. You can always have him enrolled with some range where he can work on his shooting skills without killing the innocent birds.

We have been living in this society from last one decade and we have had cordial relations since then. I am hopeful that you will not take this complain in a wrong way and will do something about the situation.


Henry Smith


Sample Request to Neighbor to Stop Parking His Car in Front of Your Home Letter

by emily on March 19, 2012

[Your Name, & Address here]



[Recipient Name & address here]

[Date here]

Dear [name],
I really don’t like to make complaints to my neighbors, but when you park your car in front of my house, it creates problems for my guests. It’s because of you that my guests cannot park their vehicles in my spot, they have to do it at some other place and then they walk to my house.

So, I request you to please stop parking your car in front of my house.

Thanks for your understanding and attention into this mater.



Your name]

 Download Sample Request to Neighbor to Stop Parking His Car in Front of Your Home Letter In Word Format

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