Letter to Announce Closing of an Office to Financial Problem

If an owner of the company has decided to close the officer because of financial problems then the same should be communicated to the employees as well and for doing that a formal Letter Announcing Office Closing due to Financial Problem should be written. The Office Closing Announcement Letter is a simple letter that appreciates … Read more

Announcement of Acquisition

Announcement of Acquisition [DATE, ex. Tuesday, February 21, 2012]   [NAME, COMPANY AND ADDRESS, ex. Bob Travolta Larson & Co, 123 Lane, Area 456, City, State, Pin Code]   Dear [NAME, ex. Bob Travolta],   We are glad to state that we have recently acquired [DESCRIBE BUSINESS ACQUIRED, ex. the business assets of XYZ Co.] … Read more

Announcement of Special Discount Offer

Dear   This is to announce our 15% Special Discount Offer that we are making on all orders for the following items for the month of (month) only: __________________________________________________ This 15% discount shall be available on any order placed for delivery from (date) through (date. This is our small way of saying thank you to … Read more