Write a Letter To Describing The Accident Sample Template

If you have witnessed some accident and you wish to share it with a friend or family member then you can always write a letter to friend describe the accident. Such a letter is quite a simple letter which majorly includes details about the accident that you witnessed. In this post, we have come up … Read more

Sample Temporary Guardianship Letter Template, Example

Temporary Guardianship is a parent seeking the child’s temporary custody with their grandparents due to any unforeseen reasons. A temporary guardianship letter is written for the same purpose. It includes the name of the parent(s), guardians, the child, the duration of the guardianship and the reason. In this post are some sample guardianship letter, temporary … Read more

Security Deposit Letters | Return Templates and Example

It is a common practice to collect security deposit from tenants by the landlords when the tenant moves in. But when the tenant is moving out, the security deposit has to be returned and that’s when there is a need to write Security Deposit Return Letter. You can write security deposit letter to company, landlord, … Read more

Job Acceptance Letter Template

Receiver’s Name Receiver’s Designation Company Name Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. (first name of the receiver), Thank you! This is with intense pleasure to receive the confirmation of the job. I am writing this letter with reference (talk about reference clearly) to confirm the acceptance of your offered (mention details of designation) job. I will be … Read more

Acceptance Letter Template

To: [Managing Director] [Bright star Computer Networks] [Columbia] [February 22, 2012]. Dear Sir/Madam, I am glad to inform you that I accept the job of [Sales Manager] in your organization. I am looking forward to a challenging and successful career in [Bright Star]. As I mentioned earlier, I will be able to join the work … Read more

Welcome Letter Template

To Receiver’s Name [Mention name of the recipient] Designation [Mention the designation of the recipient] Address [Mention the address of the recipient] Date [Mention the date of sending the letter] Subject: [Write in brief the subject of the letter.] Dear ______________ [Write Salutation and first name of the recipient.] I _____________ [sender’s name], the _____________ … Read more

Thank You Letter Template

[Name of the Recipient], [Designation and Company Name] [Company Address incase of formal letter], [Home Address incase of informal letter], [Date] Dear Recipient’s Name (It is advisable to refer with first name in case of personal and in case of professional address by surname in the salutation.) I would like to thank you for the … Read more

Business Thank You Letter Template

To: (Designation) (Company Name) (Company Address) (Date) Dear (Recipient’s name), On behalf of (Company’s Name) I would like to this opportunity to place on record our most honest and sincere thanks for choosing us to do business with us. It will definitely be our great pleasure to do business with an organization of your repute … Read more