Perfect Etiquette to Writing Thank You Note

Thank you note is about expressing gratitude. This simple concept is used to express appreciation in lieu of something good done to you or for a certain gift received. However, these notes can be intimidating at times. They are a way of saying how you feel about the gift and how was it helpful to … Read more

Importance of Thank You Letter in Business Communication

The act of expressing ‘thank you’ is considered as one of the best gesture in both personal professional bonds. As they say, ‘a gentleman always writes a thank you note’. It is the perfect code of conduct when you are benefited by someone. In the business world, thank you letters acts as a self-marketing tool … Read more

Thank You Letter To Boss

February 7, 2012 Joan White Chairman, White Financial Services, Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to express my earnest gratitude for the kindness shown by offering me the respected status of Administrator Manager in White Financial Services. I am privileges and have been wishing of being a manager since long time. I assure you that I will not … Read more

Thank You Letter Template

[Name of the Recipient], [Designation and Company Name] [Company Address incase of formal letter], [Home Address incase of informal letter], [Date] Dear Recipient’s Name (It is advisable to refer with first name in case of personal and in case of professional address by surname in the salutation.) I would like to thank you for the … Read more