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Job Thank you Letter

Etiquette to Writing Thank You Email after a Job Interview

by emily on October 1, 2021

Job interview etiquette thank you email
Job Interview Etiquette Thank You Email

Thank you notes serve a very efficient purpose in business communication. Irrespective of the medium in which it is sent, be it email, a typed letter or a note card sent through snail mail, it holds the same importance in every medium. When you are able to take out time to thank the interviewer, he/she too will also take extra effort to review your work with a positive approach. This way you get one step closer on being appointed for the job.

Basic purpose of Thank You Email Follow up

The sole objective of writing a thank you letter is to express appreciation for the interview. Few of its basic purposes include:

  • It helps you show your vested interest on the employer.
  • It serves as a reminder to the employer informing about your qualifications for the position. In case you forgot to mention something during the interview process, you may do so in the email thank you follow up letter.
  • It serves as a platform to restate your interest in the position and the organization.
  • It also serves as a platform to demonstrate your professional manner in the most formal way.

Thank You Email Etiquette to follow

We have listed a few of the most frequent mistakes done by employees while writing thank you notes. Mistakes and their remedies:

  • Do not stick to the conventional ‘Thanks in advance’ and ‘Hope to see you soon’. They seem utter useless. Instead, start with a simple ‘Hey’.
  • Avoid writing a long letter. A few paragraphs will do the trick. No one has the time to read long passages. It throws a negative impact instead.
  • Do not use CC in the mail. No matter how busy you may be, try to take out sometime to write separate emails for different interviewers. Copy and Paste don’t usually help much. Make the letter employer oriented and avoid repetition.
  • The standard duration of sending such mail is one day after the interview. There is no point sending it after this time frame.
  • Never use generic template. It shows laziness and no one will ever like to appoint lazy employees. Include the one thing that will help you stand out from the rest and the employer will make sure to keep it in mind during the recruitment process.
  • Identity is the most important entity of a person that he/she takes special care of. Never make the mistake of spelling it out wrong. In case of doubt, grab a business card on the way out of the interview.


Importance of Thank You Letter in Business Communication

by emily on July 12, 2021

Thank You Letter in Business Communication
Business Thank You Letter

The act of expressing ‘thank you’ is considered as one of the best gesture in both personal professional bonds. As they say, ‘a gentleman always writes a thank you note’. It is the perfect code of conduct when you are benefited by someone. In the business world, thank you letters acts as a self-marketing tool and comes especially handy in job-search strategies. It enhances your credibility as an applicant. Personal thank you letters show care. It resembles courtesy and sincerity along with flaunting off individuality. Professional thank you notes in business communication help you stand out over other candidates applying for a job.

Here the 7 concerns explaining why thank you letters are important in business communication:

1. Thank you letter is an effective tool that gives you a chance to get back to your employer. It serves as a follow up letter that not only flaunts your gracious personality but also help you build a relationship with the interviewer. When you recap the highlights of the meeting, you are actually providing them reasons to show your capability to handle the position.

2. With thank you letters you make a mark on the employer’s mind. Let not only the employers decide your faith. With such letters you can play with the minds of the recruiters and if you are one of the best, he/she will keep you in the loop during the selection process.

3. Written thank you letter endorses your strength. It is not only a way of expressing your gratitude, but also has its own separate purpose. It is a way to show off her skills and accomplishments in a way it should be valued.

4. Thank you letters also help you reconsider those points neglected during the interview process. It is a way to help you remind readers about those potentialities which were not explored during the interview.

5. Thank you letters gives a personal touch on a professional note. It can be used as a forum to demonstrate your consultative problem-solving and disaster management skills. This way it helps you give an idea of how you can contribute to the company’s success much before you are appointed for the position.

6. Thank you letter provides you with an opportunity to emphasize your interest in the position and remind about your major qualifications. It helps you add an afterthought post meeting.

7. Above all, thank you note help you stand out from other applicants who haven’t. It demonstrates your level of professionalism and helps you make a good impression in business communications.

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Etiquette to Writing Thank You Email after a Job Interview


Job Thank you Letter

by emily on April 26, 2012


(Personnel Manager)
(Softwood Software Designs)
(34-Los Angeles)
February 8, 2012)
Dear (Mr. Smith),
I would like to earnestly thank you for selecting me for the job of (Senior Software Engineer) in your firm.

I thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to prove my mettle and would like to reassure you of my sincerity and dedication. I am sure I would not disappoint you and I eagerly look forward to joining the company at the earliest.

Thanking You,

Yours truly,

(Daisy Smith)

 Download Job Thank you Letter In Word Format

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