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Resignation Letter from a Supervisor Post for Personal Reasons

by emily on December 23, 2022

Supervisor Resignation Letter Sample Format
Supervisor Resignation Letter

If you are a supervisor in your company and you wish to resign from your job for personal reasons then you must write a resignation letter to your senior. The Supervisor Resignation Letter is a simple letter which must include the reason for resignation. The Resignation Letter for Personal Reasons must state the issue along with the dates till which you are comfortable working.

This post brings to you a Resignation Letter Format. Simply follow the Job Resignation Letter Example shared below and you can create your own letter with no issues.

Format for Resignation Letter from Supervisor Post


Anthony Brown

54, Evergreen Apartments

New York

Date: December 22nd, 2022


Mr. Richard Smith

Human Resource Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Sub: Resignation letter

Dear Mr. Richard,

I, Anthony Brown, work as a Supervisor with the Production Department of Zenith Technologies. I am writing this letter to formally submit my resignation from the post of Supervisor with effect from date February 1st, 2023.

I am taking this decision because of some personal reasons. My parents stay in California and due to medical condition, they need my support and therefore, I am required to shift to California. I plan to serve the notice period of one month and during this time, I will be happy to train the employee who is going to be taking the charge.

It was wonderful working with Zenith Technologies and during the association of three years, I had a chance to work with some amazing people and learn a lot. I am really thankful that I could work with such an inspiring company and be a part of its success.

I am hopeful that in future I get to work again with Zenith Technologies. I wish the company all the success and glory in the future endeavors. In case my assistance is needed at any time, please feel free to get in touch with me and I will be glad to be of help any which way possible.

Please get in touch with me for any more information and allow me to meet you in person so that we can discuss about training my substitute and have things going.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Anthony Brown


Letter of Resignation

by emily on July 18, 2012


This is to inform you that an opportunity has presented itself that will enable me to work in the area of my stated preference, which is (designate)

 I am therefore tendering my resignation from your organization and wish to advise you that (date) will be my last day of employment at your office.

 I would like to thank you for the experience of having worked for (name of the company), a truly outstanding company. I will surely miss working with all the people here. Wish you best wishes for future. Thanks.

Letter of Resignation

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Discreet Letter of Resignation

by emily on June 27, 2012



(Name of credit reporting agency) is a “customer reporting agency” and, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, should report facts and figures in a way that is reasonable and equitable to customers.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the full right to have partial or unfinished facts and figures reinvestigated by (name of credit reporting agency), unless the request is of a frivolous nature. If the information is found to be erroneous or cannot be verified, you have the right to have such deleted from your file.

If you dispute information (name of credit reporting agency) has in their file, and such dispute cannot be resolved, you have the full right to have your form of said dispute placed in your file and included in future customer reports.

You have the full right to be notified whenever information reported by (name of credit reporting agency) results in a denial of credit or an increase in the cost of credit to you.

You also have complete right to disclosure, by telephone or in person and upon proper identification, of the nature and substance and the names of sources of the information in your file.

(Name of credit reporting agency) will offer you with a copy of all information in your file, by mail, upon your request of same.

Discreet Letter of Resignation

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Acknowledged Resignation

by emily on June 8, 2012



Date: _

To: __:


Please be directed that the undersigned hereby resigns as _, of the corporation effective upon his acceptance on the same. Please acknowledge acceptance of said resignation on behalf of the corporation.


Best Regards,


The foregoing has been accepted pursuant to vote of the directors/stockholders of the corporation effective _, 20_.


For the corporation

 Acknowledged Resignation

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Career Change Resignation Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012


Mr. James Parker,

H.R. Manager
Gomes & Peterson Ltd.

Los Angeles, C.A. – 45217

April 05, 2012


Dear Mr. Parker,

I regretfully inform you that I want to quit this job and I am submitting my resignation letter for the same.

Presently, I am working in the capacity of ‘Store Manager’ in your company. I will work for another one month, fulfilling the organization’s condition of advance notice period. My notice period ends on May 04, 2012.

I will complete all the pending works before this date and, I will hand over my responsibilities to my successor.

I want to tell you that I have accepted a position in a company with interesting job profile. The role is really challenging and a new learning opportunity for me.

At last, I would like to say that I will always miss this workplace. It gave me so much that I cannot define in words. I grew here both professionally and personally.

I thank you for your continuous support for me over the last four years. I am thankful to this company and all its employees for their cooperation.


Yours sincerely,

Charlie Brown
(Sales Manager)
Gomes & Peterson Ltd.

Download Sample Career Change Resignation Letter In Word Format

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