Resignation Letter from a Supervisor Post for Personal Reasons

If you are a supervisor in your company and you wish to resign from your job for personal reasons then you must write a resignation letter to your senior. The Supervisor Resignation Letter is a simple letter which must include the reason for resignation. The Resignation Letter for Personal Reasons must state the issue along … Read more

Tips to Resignation Letter Writing Etiquette

Offering your resignation letter to the company you are working for means the end of your professional relationship with the organization. After all those years of working, your resignation becomes a sensitive issue and you must be able to play the card right. Proper resignation etiquette hence comes a long way. You may not want … Read more

Resignation Letter Writing Tips | Resignation Etiquette

Resignation letters are written to formally announce about you leaving the organization/workplace for a certain reason. It symbolizes the end of your professional relationship through mutual respect. Such letters are very crucial as they will play a very important role in your future prospects. Hence, they should be written with great consideration and with the … Read more

Resignation Letter

To: Mr. Mike Jonathon Personnel ManagerHartford & Company Ltd New York, NY- 45236 March 12, 2012 Dear Mr. Jonathon, I want to inform you that I am officially resigning from the post of ‘Assistant Manager’ in Hartford & Company Ltd. As per the condition of my job contract, I am serving a notice period of … Read more

Resignation Letter

To: Mrs. Burlington, H.R. Manager Burlington Traders Kansas City, MS -45263 August 10, 2012   Dear Mr. Burlington, Please accept my resignation letter from my position of ‘Sales Executive’ in Burlington Traders. I will be leaving the company on August 24, 2012, serving a notice period of two weeks as a mandatory condition for employee … Read more

Resignation Letter

To: Dr. Joyce Peterson H.R. Manager Scientific Miracles Laboratories Austin, TX – 45263 March 05, 2012 Sub: – LETTER OF RESIGNATION    Dear Mrs. Peterson, I am Joe Carlson, working with your company for the past four years. I want to resign from my position of ‘Sr. Researcher’ in Scientific Miracles Laboratories. I will be … Read more

Sample Resignation Letter

Resignation [Name, Company Name & Address here] [Date]   Dear [name],   I am hereby resigning from my position of [your post] in [Company name], to be effective from [resignation date]. –        [State here the reasons you are resigning] – For instance – I have got a new job opportunity with challenging responsibilities.  The offer … Read more