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Discreet Letter of Resignation

by emily on June 27, 2012



(Name of credit reporting agency) is a “customer reporting agency” and, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, should report facts and figures in a way that is reasonable and equitable to customers.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the full right to have partial or unfinished facts and figures reinvestigated by (name of credit reporting agency), unless the request is of a frivolous nature. If the information is found to be erroneous or cannot be verified, you have the right to have such deleted from your file.

If you dispute information (name of credit reporting agency) has in their file, and such dispute cannot be resolved, you have the full right to have your form of said dispute placed in your file and included in future customer reports.

You have the full right to be notified whenever information reported by (name of credit reporting agency) results in a denial of credit or an increase in the cost of credit to you.

You also have complete right to disclosure, by telephone or in person and upon proper identification, of the nature and substance and the names of sources of the information in your file.

(Name of credit reporting agency) will offer you with a copy of all information in your file, by mail, upon your request of same.

Discreet Letter of Resignation

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