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Personal Introduction Letter

Sample Personal Introduction Letter

by emily on February 20, 2012


Mr. John Abraham

25th Floor, High street,


Subject: Personal Introduction Letter

Dear Sir,

I have the honor to introduce myself as a worker of the local Community Office, posted last week, for looking after the general health and the people’s grievances in the locality. Sir, you being the most responsible and honored personality of this area, is requested to kindly allow me to inspect the local social offices and establishments periodically so that the public hygiene is maintained at every respect. We as the conscious citizens of the country are obliged to maintain a social standard of living for all the residents. To maintain the program, I shall need your help and without which it will be very difficult for anyone to bring about a change.

In the above context, I hope my introduction will be duly accepted and I shall be receiving your best attention for rendering best services for the betterment of the people.

Thanking You

Warm Regards

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Ryan McCollum,

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