Sample Realtor Introduction Letter

Ryan McCollum,


Unicare Limited,

27 May 2012

Mr. Dale Coring


25th Floor, High street,



Dear Mr. Coring,

My name is Ryan McCollum, and I am a real estate company owner. I have recently set up an office in your neighborhood. I have branches all over New York and my business is of providing homes to clients according to their needs.

I am writing this letter is to know if you are thinking upon selling your apartment in High Street. I assure you a good deal if you have any such plans. Also I guarantee you a profitable deal in setting up a home at the place of your choice.

You can contact me on 12345678 or you can come to my office at anytime after noon. Incase you are not interested I would appreciate it if you pass the word around. I regret any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind Regards

Ryan McCollum

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