Sample Resume Introduction Letter

Henry Newman,


Bluestar Enterprises

28, January 2012

Mr.Ryan Bruney,


Imedia Technologies,


Dear Mr. Bruney,

It gives me enormous happiness in presenting to you the resume of Ms. Sandra Simon in reference to the vacancy for front office you have at your company. Ms. Simon, according to me is the suitable person for the job.

I have enclosed her resume which includes all her education, experience, and location details which fulfills your requirements as well. She is well groomed and has a clean record. She speaks four languages as is your requirement. Also she is ready to join immediately after she is confirmed.

I will be waiting for further correspondence from your side. You can call me anytime before this weekend in this regard. It’s always been a pleasure assisting you.

Warm Regards

Henry Newman,

Personnel Manager

Encl : (1) Resume of Ms. Sandra Simon

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