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Realtor Introduction Letter

Sample Realtor Introduction Letter

by emily on February 20, 2012

Ryan McCollum,


Unicare Limited,

27 May 2012

Mr. Dale Coring


25th Floor, High street,



Dear Mr. Coring,

My name is Ryan McCollum, and I am a real estate company owner. I have recently set up an office in your neighborhood. I have branches all over New York and my business is of providing homes to clients according to their needs.

I am writing this letter is to know if you are thinking upon selling your apartment in High Street. I assure you a good deal if you have any such plans. Also I guarantee you a profitable deal in setting up a home at the place of your choice.

You can contact me on 12345678 or you can come to my office at anytime after noon. Incase you are not interested I would appreciate it if you pass the word around. I regret any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind Regards

Ryan McCollum

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