Sample Travel Fundraising Letter

Mr. Roy Hughes

Rushford Chemicals Inc.

113, Mark’s Business Square

Lakewood, Colorado – 41258


August 02, 2012


Dear Mr. Hughes,

I am Steve Joseph, a graduate of Science (Chemistry) from the Lawrence College of Science, Los Angeles.

I excelled at academics during all my semesters. My college has recognized my talent and I have been accepted for my Masters abroad. Also, I have been awarded a scholarship by my college, but it only covers my tuition fee and provides me with a monthly allowance.

Now, I don’t have money to travel abroad as whatever I have is for the expenses on the foreign land. So, I need to raise money to finance my journey to Australia.

I am seeking your help for the same purpose. I will be really grateful for your support. The donation you give me will help me shape my future in the right direction.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your help.



Steve Joseph

Tel. No. 542-451-7856

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