Sample Girlfriend Friendship Letters

Edina White

26, Marshall Rd,

Austin, Texas

April23, 2012

My dear Edina,

I miss you a lot since you left for your cousin’s place.

I tried to reach you last week, but the number was not connecting.

So, how is your cousin now?

Is he recovering?

Please update me with his medical position.

And, I forgot to tell you that in your absence I tried to sharpen my home improvement skills.

I took up a home gardening course. And, I have almost completed it and now, I am planning to set up a nursery with many kinds of plants and colorful flowers in it. My garden will be completed by next Sunday and by that time, you would also have arrived.

I really have increased my knowledge on home gardening and, I will show you my skills.

I am waiting for you dear. When you will come back, we will go to our favorite restaurant.


Peter McDonalds

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1 Johny 01.09.13 at 7:48 pm

I like this, it’s simple an forward.

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