Sample Emotional Friendship Letter

Mark Anderson

52, Ever Shining Appts,

New Dr,

Washington, D.C.

February 05, 2012


Dear Mark,

I am still feeling sorry for having a fight with you last week. I am really ashamed of my behavior with you.

I am still unable to find an answer that why I just could not control my temper over a very minor reason. I now feel that the mater was really of no worth fighting with you.

Now, I realize that I should not have done it. It was just a joke, but I got angry when you joined the other guys at the club. Initially I was really hurt by them, but seeing you with them may have angered me.

Mark, I still value your friendship and I want to be friends with you till the end of this life.

I hope after reading this letter you will forget everything and you will call me today evening.

I know you will understand it well that such a small thing doesn’t matter in our friendship. You are my best friend and only you will remain my best friend forever.

So, please forget this incident, accept my apology and let’s go outside tonight.

I am waiting for your call.

Your friend,

David Allen

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