Write a Letter to Bank Manager for Reversal of Money

If there is a certain amount that is required to be reversed to your bank account then you can always…

3 months ago

Request Letter Format for Vehicle Loan from Company

Vehicle Loan Application Letter Template If you are planning to buy a vehicle and you are in need of loan…

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ATM Card Blocked in ATM Machine Letter Format

ATM Card Block Request Letter Format If your card has got blocked in the ATM machine for whatever reason, it…

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Application for ATM Card Stuck in ATM Machine Letter Format

ATM Card Stuck in ATM Machine Letter Format If your ATM card has got stuck in the ATM machine then…

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Complaint Letter to Bank for a Refund of Money from a failed Online Transaction

If your online transaction has failed but you have been debited with the amount then you can always write a…

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Write a Appreciation Email for Employee Format & Template

When an employee works hard and does his or her best at their job then in such a scenario it…

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Letter Format to Explain Reasons for Not Going Abroad

Letter to Explain Reasons for Not Going Abroad

6 months ago

Application for Urgent Piece of Work for School Teacher

Leave Application for School Teacher Being a school teacher if you need to take a leave, you must inform about…

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Refund Request Letter Regarding your Dissatisfaction from Company

Refund Letter Format If you have been dissatisfied with any of the companies with which you trade for their goods…

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Sample Letter to Customers Informing about Delay in Fulfillment of Order

Letter to Customers informing about Delay in Order

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