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Sample Application for School Bus Route Change

Letter to Principal for Change of School Bus Route

If you wish to have the bus route of the school bus changed for some reason then you are supposed to write a Letter to Principal for Change of School Bus Route. The school bus change application in English must always include the reason for which you wish to make the change.

In this post, we bring to you the Sample Application for Change of Child’s School Bus. You can use this Application for School Bus Route Change in order to create a personalized letter that can fill in your needs right.

Sample Application for Route Change of Child’s School Bus in English


Alfred John

54, Richmond Street

New York

Date: January 13, 2023


The Principal,

New Age School

New York

Sub: Request for change of school bus route

Respected Sir,

I, Alfred John, am the father of Master Ray John, student of standard II in your prestigious school. I am writing this request you kindly change the school bus route of the buses that run on route no. 5 and 6.

This is so because the buses that run on these routes have to take the City Centre Road which is a high traffic area during that time. As you must be aware, it has always been known for the maximum traffic jams every year. Moreover, certain one ways have been started by the traffic police from last ten days that have further complicated the situations and because of that our kids are reaching home an hour late than the usual timings.

Therefore, I would like you to suggest the routes of the buses mentioned above and opt for the alternate route which is the Jacob Road, parallel to the City Centre Road. This road is much broader and has a smooth traffic situation which makes it easier for vehicles to commute. I am sure it is going to get a little difficult for some parents as they will have to figure out another way to have their kids picked up but for everyone else, it is going to be a much better situation.

I am hopeful that you will look into this situation and will approve the bus route change so that kids don’t have to suffer the traffic situations on daily basis.

Thanking you for your consideration.


Alfred John

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