Congratulations Letter to a Friend on Winning a Scholarship

Winning a scholarship is certainly a very big achievement and must therefore, be celebrated. If you have a friend who has won a scholarship then don’t miss on this chance to write a congratulations letter to friend on winning a scholarship. Celebrate this success by using congratulations letter format that will help you write a letter to your friend congratulating him on winning a scholarship. This congratulations letter for success must not only congratulate him or her but also wish good luck for the studies ahead. Just like sample congratulations letter for winning a prize in painting competition, there are templates on congratulations on scholarship to follow.

In this post, we have come up with sample format for congratulations letter on receiving scholarship. Write your own congratulation letter for getting scholarship using this example as the basis.

Letter of Congratulations to a Friend on his (her) Winning a Scholarship


Samantha Brown

54, Remington Street


Date: March 1st, 2021


Andrew Smith

88, St. Anthony’s Road


Dear Andrew,

I just got the biggest news of the year that you have been awarded with the scholarship at the London University. That is certainly a very big achievement and I am writing this letter to congratulate on your success.

I am aware that you have put in so much of hard work and time into make this dream a reality. I know that all the projects that you worked on and all the extra classes you attended were all for this goal that you had in mind since long. I strongly feel that if there is any person who deserves this scholarship then that is you. Now you can pursue your favorite course without having to worry about your educational expenses.

I just want to tell you that you I am really very happy and excited for you as you are going to begin a very important chapter of your life. You have made all of us proud and I really wish that you find success and glory in each and every step of your life.

Lots of good luck to you and once again Congratulations!!!



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