Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Scholarship Recommendation Letter


Joel Ferias
Department of English,
Maxwell University
Chicago – 41526

Mr. Enrique Henry
Dr. Jefferson Scholarships
Chicago – 41523

April 17, 2012


Dear Mr. Henry,

I am writing in reference to your annual scholarships which is awarded to the meritorious students of the city of Chicago.

I would like to recommend my student, Kent Crawford for your annual scholarship program. I know him for the last three years, he is an outstanding performer.

Kent is a sincere student who is very dedicated to his studies. He always excelled in academics and always ranks higher in the class. He has won many awards for academics and extra-curricular activities in our institution.

He is always interested in helping & improving his friends and, uplifting them to the standards he has. He is a source of inspiration to others.

And, I am really impressed that despite the financial difficulties his family is facing, he has managed to reach this level. He is presently doing a part time job as a tutor.

He has so many qualities that give me confidence to recommend him for your scholarship program and, I know it well that he will make it worthwhile and it will add a new star to the flag of your institution.

So, please accept my recommendation to award the scholarship to this bright student, Kent Crawford and help him succeed in life.

Thanking you.


Joel Ferias
Maxwell University

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