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Sample Advertising Condolence Letter

From: Lydia Goehr

Advertising Head,

Shine Media House

Austin, Texas-92308


To: Robert Patterson

65 Victor St., Alton, Texas – 95005

June 09, 2012


We are writing in express our condolences for the loss of the Chairman of your organization, Mr. Wilbur. We can understand it well what you are going through, having lost your leader must be hard for the whole group. He was a great person with remarkable qualities& he will always be remembered among acquaintances & friends.

Your company made an incredible progress under his shrewd guidance. He built up such a huge enterprise from a zero start, & it proves his great business acumen.

He was not only a successful businessman, but also a gentleman. It’s hard to get over the things in such a sorrowful situation, but we understand that at the same time, you have the responsibility on your shoulders to take care of your business.

Further, I hope that our business relations will be maintained even after his departure. We also wanted to let you know about our company’s new offer launched in the last week. With this new offer, we are offering 10% discount on all products to our customers who have been associated with us for more than10 years. We have a very long business relationship with you, & we think that you will give your due consideration to this offer.

Once again, please accept our deepest condolences for Mr. Wilbur. We hope for the best for your company that it gets out of the current phase very soon and gets back into the business & retains it position in the market.

Thanking You,

Lydia Goehr

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