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Sample Sympathy Condolence Letter

Mrs. Sherry Brooks

69, Alder Pl,

Stockton, California – 52648


27th May, 2012


Dear Sherry,

I don’t know how to express my sympathy for the loss for Ricky. It felt shocking & unbelievable to me first.

His loss cannot be recoverable and we all will miss him for the rest of our lives. John was a loving person, we shared many things in life together and we were there for each other no matter what may come our ways.

It will not be easy for any of us to not to miss such a great person who was always there to help everybody around. He is no more with us, but, his memories will be guiding us ahead. It was not possible for me to be with you at the time of such a sorrowful occasion. I wish I was there to help you every moment during grief and gloom.

Now, I am praying to God to have you in his comfort, and rest his soul in eternal peace!


And, please do not hesitate to call me whenever you need for any kind of help


With love and sympathy

Tim & Mitchell Moore

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