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Sample Warning 2 Bad Behavior Letter

Warning #2: Bad Behavior

To          –      [Individual/Group Name]

From      –      [Sender Name]

Date       –      […..]


Subject   –      [Bad Behavior Nature]


[Employee name], it has come to my notice that – [State the incident or nature of bad behavior].

I was shocked to know that you – [describe the complete incident] -. It is unbelievable that you actually did this to our customer.

You talked to one of our customers in a very rude tone. You argued with him/her, and also abused which is just not acceptable.

I have also previously warned you about your behavior, but you did not improve.

[Employee name], if there is something because of which you are troubled, you can contact me to have a discussion and find a solution to your problem.

I value your contribution to this organization, and thus, I am giving you another chance.

I hope that this type of incident will not be repeated in the future.

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