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How to write a Thank You Letter

There are various occasions to send thank you letters. Thank you letters are sent to someone for participating in an event, for selecting for job or simply to thank your family or friends for inviting you to a function. Basically the letters can be categorized in two categories: formal and personal notes. The following points can help ensure that you send out the message correctly:

  • Incase of formal thank you letters make sure to be brief and straight to the point. The aim should be to continue the relationship and strengthen the bond. Clarity and simplicity will help your client retain you in their memory.
  • It is best to send the formal letter on the company letterhead for the above mentioned reason. You want to maintain a good bond with your client.
  • Mention small details while appreciating the event. This will give a personalized touch to the letter and indicate that you were a keen participant and not just doing your duty by attending it.

Informal thanks letter will come naturally. The best way to ensure that it gives out the right message is to write it the very next day when the events are still fresh in your mind.

How to write a Thank You Letter
Etiquette to Writing Thank You Email after a Job Interview


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