Romance Love Letter Etiquette: Love Letter Ideas, Tips

Romantic Love Letter Etiquette

Love letters help you step out of your comfort zone and reveal your deepest feelings in front of your loved ones. Love letters have always been considered as the epitome of romance since ages. However, this classic approach seems to be rather dead today. History has witnessed several examples of 18th century romantics penning down their masterpieces from quill, sealing them in wax and wrapping them up with special ribbons before handing it over to their loved ones. It used to a trend back then. The success mantra was that it was completely from the heart.

Love letters are personal sensitive, honest, sincere, and caring. Presentation is one of the most important factors in writing love letter. Let’s revive the 18th century love today. Here is the highly rated basic love letter writing etiquette that your loved ones will cherish forever.

Top 10 Romance Love Letter Etiquette for him & for her

1. Organize your thoughts first. Reach out for exactly what you wish to let your lover to know and start with your first draft.

2. Love letters look all the more special if it is hand written with the right selection of stationary such as good pen and high quality paper.

3. Never skip on the date in love letters. It gives certain gravity to your letter.

4. Talk about special events and instances that had a huge impact on your love life. 

5. Give your lover a reason to reciprocate.  Your letter should be directly out from the heart and true in all aspect.

6. Write as if you are conversing with him/her. Your language should be normal and easily understandable. Keep it as personal as you can.

7. Another interesting idea will be to cite a song and if possible dedicate it by including in a CD along with the letter.

8. Take special care of handwriting, grammar and punctuation in your love letter.

9.  ‘Love Always’, or ‘You are my Valentine’ are a few of the complimentary closing you may use.

10. If you plan on mailing your letter instead of hand deliver, never use season holiday stamps for the same.

Love Letters is the medium that help you take your relationship to the next level of intimacy.

But of course, the most important of all, spell the name correctly! 😉

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