The Disadvantages of a Cover Letter | CV Application letter

Disadvantages of a Cover Letter, CV Application letter
Disadvantages of a Cover Letter

Your cover letter serves as a formally written introduction about yourself. It works as an elevating plane for your CV during job hunting. And if you are able to play this card right, you might easily land up on your dream job. But the same cover letter might break your career is not mended properly. The internet is full of free Disadvantages cover letters today and applicants are seen using these for their benefits. Unfortunately, in a few cases cover letters can actually harm your chances of being picked up for a job. If you are wondering how, well here is exactly how.

We have come up with the five dreaded disadvantages of using cover letters. Read on!

The Disadvantages Of Cover Letter

1. Free cover letters are generic

The generic format of your cover letter can be a huge turn down for your recruiter. The rule is every cover letter should be customized according to the job application applied for. It should highlight all your qualifications relating to the skills and experience needed for the job and exclude the unnecessary ones.

2. Addressing in free cover letters are vague

Addresses used in free cover letters normally include salutations like, ‘to whom it may concern’ or ‘sir/madam’. Not any of these are favorites to recruiters. What is expected in the salutation section is the name of the actual person who happens to be the contact person listed in the job advertisement; else your letter might end up in the trash.

3. Free cover letters promotes a wrong impression

Never over flaunt about your skills in your cover letter. Write only about those skills that are required of for the job position you applied for. Adding irrelevant skills might make you seem overqualified, create a bad impression or make your hiring managers overlook your resume on the whole. And you might end up getting disqualified for the job.

4. Wrong notion of saving time

Cover letters are only effective if they are personalized. Do not act smart by sending out the same cover letter every time in the fear of missing opportunities. Such letters might turn against you and you might just miss out on a very important job profile.

5. Focusing on the wrong issue

Before sitting down to write your cover letter you must also go for a backdrop research for the company and position you are applying for. You must have the right idea of what is expected of the employee and how well do you fit in the criteria. Then, draft your cover letter accordingly by mentioning your matching skills for the position.

No one likes to go through dull and lifeless letters. Free covers letters are generic and take away the essence of personalized letters.

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