Sample Love Friendship Letter

Tess Fernandez

23, Donald’s Pl

Roosevelt Rd,

Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Tess,

I want to tell you that how good it feels when I think of you.

It makes me realize that I am very fortunate to have you. Ours is a great relationship – a blessing from God. The strength of your friendship gives me courage to go ahead in life no matter what path I choose because at the end of the day, I know, you will always be there to help me out with any kind of problem.

In my life, I never felt the same with any other person. You are really special to me. I was never able to accept the faults of others, but you, and you would also not bear with some qualities of others, but mine, always. We had a mutual understanding that prolonged our friendship.

I may judge others in my life, even my own siblings, but not you. So, if there is only one person whom I can completely trust and rely on, then it’s only you.

I never lied to you and never hide anything from you and that is what made this relationship last this long.

I miss you when we are not together.



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