Sample Love Apology Sorry Letters

15th May 2009.

Dear Martha,

I am deeply repentant for screaming at you the way I did last weekend. I never meant to do that intentionally but when I saw what you had done to my brother’s Lamborghini car I got enraged and said things that I wish I had not. I deduce his earlier warning that if I ever put a small scratch on his car any time, he would never speak to me again and would make me pay for the damage, slight or otherwise.

What infuriated me more is the fact that he would always caution me to never let any of my friends drive it and the only time I let you behind the wheel you not only damaged its front but smashed into the back of another motor vehicle! I knew the insurance company would pay for the dent and I was way out of proportion for the way I yelled at you. I am very sorry for the unsympathetic words I used and I wish I could change whatever happened. You mean a lot to me and I love you and request you to pardon me.

Yours truly,


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