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Martin Daniels

587 Bentley,


14th May 2009.

Dear Martin,

I would like to inform you with deep sorrow and regret about the sudden death of your beloved Labrador Bruzo. He died this morning after being run over by a speedy car in the neighborhood. He was barking a lot this morning and wanted to be let out onto the front yard where he loves to play. So like daily I let him out early so I could lock him up when the neighbors showed for our monthly barbecue at our yard.

When I was busy setting the grill up for the event, Mr. and Mrs. Kay arrived early and they let themselves in through the gate and while Mr. Kay opened the gate for his wife to drive into our compound, Bruzo jumped past him and ran onto the street and a speedy car run over him. By the time we managed to get to him he was lifeless. I’m still in shock and would like to request you kindly forgive me for letting this happen under my watch. I am really regretful and sad about this incident, please forgive me.


Your loving wife,



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