Sample Mom Apology Sorry Letters

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I am apologetic for not being able to send you the latest test reports of my health state. The doctor in charge here says that it is still difficult to rule out the fact that the cancer may have spread further. The X-ray charts demonstrate that there are tiny streaks of what could be contaminated areas and felt that it was literally nothing to write home about. I have been through my third operation and though they keep telling me that they are hopeful, I can tell from the frequent inquiries on my condition by different surgeons has them perplexed by the turn of events.

From things going around I can tell, somewhat simple procedures that they had explained to us before they flew me from my home country to these parts of world may have been unsuccessful. I have lost most of my body hair and though my bald head feels pretty much of a attraction to me, they will not let me anywhere near a mirror and have left me with a television set next to my bed for my entertainment. I am doing fine and waiting to come home soon.

Your loving son


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