Apology Etiquette: The Art of Apology Letter Writing

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Apology Etiquette, The Art of Apology Letter Writing
Art of Apology Letter Writing Etiquette

As long as you are living in a society you are bound to hurt and be hurt by others. It is a universal phenomenon. But you may always get out of it by apologizing. Apologize in person. And if it does not work, go down the other route of sending apology letters as follow-up. Admitting your mistakes with words directly from the heart can never go unnoticed. Such letters are a way of showing how you regret over your mistakes and your effort to amend them. Learning how to write an apology letter hence comes a good way.

Apology letters are usually personal and does not require following standard rules of writing. As long as it is true and from the heart, you are ready to go. However, if you do use a format, your thoughts will get organized better. Today, we are up to help you out on the standard etiquette to the art of writing apology letters.

  • Start by stating the reason of apologizing. In the opening paragraph state what happened, where did you go wrong and how you had offended the recipient. You letter should have a feeling of deep remorse and guilt in it.
  • You letter should not be only about reminding about your mistakes but should be able to burst out that you too acknowledge those mistakes. Do not give excuses rather explain what caused you to get out of control.
  • In the second paragraph, propose how you plan on making up to your mistakes. Propose them a way of doing so with every minute detail. This will show that you are actually sorry and are trying your best to set right those faults.
  • Do not wait for too long to apologize after committing the mistake. Fresh wounds heal faster. Therefore, if you really care about the person you have hurt and want to savior your relationship, do it fast. Pick a gear before it is too long.
  • Your apology will get accepted only if the recipient feels it is genuine. You have hurt the person; he/she deserves a good apology. If it is not whole hearted, you need not apologize at all. Say only if you mean it.
  • Take responsibility upon admitting your mistakes. Keep the tone of the letter casual as if you are talking to in person. The conversation should be sincere and from the heart.
  • Send the letter as soon as possible. This can often repair damage and even save relationships before the damage becomes too great.
  • The perfect apology etiquette is to rebuilding the lost trust is to promising sincerely and making sure not to repeat it again.

A tip:

Hand written apology letters are still in. They have a very personal feel attached and help in getting your apology accepted faster.

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